When can I expect my refund?

This actually used to be a pretty easy question to answer but has become more difficult for a number of reasons.  Starting in 2012 the IRS asked tax prepares to stop advising their clients about when they might receive their refunds.  While there are a number of reasons why refunds get delayed, the #1 reason lately has been fraud.  The IRS is redoubling its efforts to confirm that refunds issued are appropriate and legitimate.  An excerpt from the IRS Web site sums it up well…

…the IRS also cautions taxpayers it is increasing scrutiny of tax returns for signs of fraud. This means some tax refunds will face additional screening and review before being released, which will add time before the refund is delivered.

The IRS promises that refunds for 9 of 10 taxpayers will be issued within 10 – 21 days.  That’s a pretty wide gap!

What Susan A Comko CPA can tell its clients is that in past years the vast majority of our clients who requested Direct Deposit refunds received those refunds within 10 business days after the return was filed.

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